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Give More Than You Get? Really?


It’s one of those things that kind of sounds right. Or, sounds good, anyway.

“Give more than you get.”

Not surprisingly, it’s also something that is often equated with The Go-Giver philosophy even though John David Mann and I never wrote that in the book.

Law #1 says to “Give more in value than you take in payment.”

But, isn’t that the same thing?

Let’s look a bit closer at that. Literally, if you “gave more than you got” you’d go out of business, and fast. While the key is to focus on giving value to the other person, you are not giving more than you are getting, you are giving in a way that both of you profit… only in different ways.

If you’ve heard me explain the difference between price and value you know that BOTH PARTIES are actually RECEIVING MORE than they are giving, because they are both exchanging what they desire less for what they desire more.

Example: The pizzeria owner who sells a pizza wants the customer’s $12 more than she wants the pizza. The customer wants the pizza more than he wants the $12. So, the customer is getting something that he wants (values) more than the $12 he is paying for it…or he would not have made the exchange!

This is what Harry Browne meant when he said that in any free-market based exchange, there are at least two “profits.” The buyer profits and the seller profits. They each come away better off than they were before the transaction.

Give MORE than you get? No. Give more in value than you receive in payment and also make a profit?



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14 Things You Can “Do” To Receive Openly

14 Things You Can Do To Receive Openly

In this post by Certified Go-Giver Coach, successful entrepreneur, and creator of the Manifast Business Success System™, Doug Wagner, he closes out the “Law of Receptivity” theme for March with 14 (plus one) powerful ways to be effectively…receptive!

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This is perhaps the toughest of the 5 Laws to really understand; at least it was for me.

The Law of Receptivity states:

“The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.”

This almost sounds like a Law where you don’t have to do any work… passive like.

The thing is, it only works if you embrace and implement Laws 1-4 in their entirety.

In other words, it requires you to do something first.

In Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill talks about being clear about what you want and what you will give to get it. Value for value. Desire, faith, clarity, definiteness of purpose, a plan and action are all required.

In order for Law 5 to kick in, someone has to give something of value to you. It is the yin and yang of giving and receiving that makes it all work.

When you are part of a larger organization it gets even more difficult to understand and apply as more people are scattered throughout the process of implementing the 5 Laws.

Do you wait for the giving to start?

After applying Laws 1-4 there is still a lot more you can actually do to be “open to receiving”:

  1. Be very definite in what you want to receive for the value you provide.
  2. Make sure you have communicated the value you provide.
  3. Make it easy for people to find you.
  4. Make it easy to buy from you.
  5. Remain open to receiving but not overly attached to receiving from any one person.
  6. Work on your mindset and the mindset of all employees around receiving and why it is important and “right”.
  7. Realize that in a free market and given a choice, no transaction will take place unless both parties perceive that they profit.
  8. Embrace the idea that you deserve to get paid for the value you provide and the more value you provide, the more you deserve to profit.
  9. If you must discount, do it for volume and loyalty, not on your value.
  10. Let others give (don’t push it away or you won’t be able to receive).
  11. Realize people are happier when they buy if they believe they are getting value.
  12. Show gratitude for what you receive.
  13. Show gratitude in advance for what you will receive.
  14. Assume there is sufficient abundance in the world to reward you for creating value.

The Big One: Before and after you receive, ensure you deliver the value you promised each and every time.

What do you do to stay open to receiving?

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