Making Sure That You Are Always Adding Value


In this post we learn a very important and powerful lesson from Certified Go-Giver Coach and Altum V Director, Pete Evans. He shares with us a terrific example of both value and authenticity. The big takeaway? When a focus on providing value to others is a major part of your true authentic core…you will naturally create value in such a way that it will be recognized, it will be acknowledged, and it will be rewarded!

Enjoy Pete’s wisdom! – Bob Burg


I have posted before about the importance of continually using “The Law of Value” from The Go-Giver, by Bob Burg and John David Mann, as part of your approach to acquiring new clients. The Law of Value states that you should provide more in value than you take in payment. As Bob Burg rightly points out, this can seem counter-intuitive.

Last week, a new prospect asked me, “So when do you start adding value in the sales process and when can you stop adding value?” My response was that you should always be seeking to add value to other people and their businesses. I then shared with my prospect a powerful story about something that had happened in my business to demonstrate this.

Earlier this year, I was invited to meet with the partners of a law firm to discuss how I could help them shape their future sales and business development strategy. I was in competition for this piece of work with another sales coaching business. After two meetings and numerous telephone conversations, I received an email from one of the partners advising me that on this occasion, they had decided to work with the other company. They thanked me for my effort and did ask me to keep in touch.

In these situations, it is easy to become defensive and blame the prospect. This would be a normal response and one I would have chosen in the past. What would happen if we chose a different response?  I decided to email the partner from the law firm and complimented him on their decision and was sure that the other business they had chosen would add massive value to their sales process. I also shared an article with the partner which I thought would add value to him and his fellow partners.

What happened next demonstrates that we are constantly on show and that we should always be adding value. Within 24 hours, I received an email from the partner stating that they had changed their minds and that they wished to proceed with my company. The reasons for the change of mind were:

  • Despite calling the other company twice to inform them that they had won the business, they were still waiting to hear back from them.
  • The partners had been really impressed with my response to their original email. What particularly resonated with them was my continued professional approach and the fact that I wanted to continue adding value despite having lost the business.

So remember, you should always be adding value as it can help you retrieve situations which you may have thought were lost.

Add LOTS More Value with the Simple “Who Is” Phrase

Simple Who Is Phrase - Beth Davis

In this guest post by Certified Go-Giver Speaker and Gold Star Referral Clubs CEO, Beth Davis, this world-class networker and referrals authority shows us how one simple phrase can add significant value to those you introduce to others. And, you can begin using it the very next time the opportunity arises.

Enjoy Beth’s wisdom! – Bob Burg


Last month, while at a local Chamber of Commerce business luncheon I saw both a photographer and a web designer that I knew very well milling around the room looking a little lost. I realized that they might benefit from meeting each other.

When I introduced them, rather than just saying, “Doug, I’d like you to meet my friend Mary” I said, “Mary, I’d like to introduce you to Doug, who is a genius with a camera and my photographer for all my website photos. Doug, this is Mary, who is currently working on my new website and doing a marvelous job.”

See how easy and natural that is to do? You can instantly add third-party credibility and value to the mix when using a “who is” phrase right after you say their name. And, like so many times when we give to others in a positive way, this type of introduction reflects back on you in a positive way. I have found that when connecting people to each other they, in return, like to introduce me to their friends. It’s a domino effect.

So, think about how you can add value to the relationships in your life by adding simple “who is” phrases.

Here are some examples:

  • Brent, who is the best insurance agent I’ve ever met, will be on the call also.
  • My office manager, who is a genius with numbers, will be able to get that to you faster than I can.
  • My colleagues, who are hilariously fun to be with, would like to meet you.
  • I found that Corey, who is a talented keynote speaker, likes to use Facebook on a daily basis.
  • I would like to welcome Mary, who is an outstanding leader in our California organization, to the call.

With a little practice, you can absolutely become a “who is” master and you can easily add value to your relationships with a few simple words. Try it!

The 80/20 Go-Giver

The 80/20 Go-Giver by Doug Wagner

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Walk AWAY in Your Value

Walk away in your value

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